Defeat of KXL Pipeline is a Victory for Environmental Activists

The administration would like to paint it as a principled decision. Don’t be fooled the withdrawing of support for KXL is a defeat for Obama’s big oil handlers and a victory for the people:

Obama’s decision marked an unambiguous victory for environmental activists who spent years denouncing the pipeline, lobbying the administration and even chaining themselves to tractors to make their point about the threat posed by dirty fossil fuels.

Obama is lying when he claims the State Department concluded the pipeline was not in the national interest:

The president, announcing his decision at the White House, said he agreed with a State Department conclusion that Keystone wouldn’t advance U.S. national interests. He lamented that both political parties had “overinflated” Keystone into a proxy battle for climate change but glossed over his own role in allowing the controversy to drag out over several national elections.

The victors were not fooled. Obama was never on the people’s side:

climate activists noted the widespread assumption early in Obama’s presidency that he’d eventually approve Keystone, and said his apparent about-face proved how effective a no-holds-barred advocacy campaign could be.