Is the GOP on the Verge of Nominating Another Liberal?

I don’t think there is any chance of Trump winning the GOP nomination. But he is ahead in the polls. So why are Republican voters willing to vote for someone who is a fake conservative, like Romney? That’s because the party is about wealth, not ideology. Both Romney and Trump are wealthy individuals. And money rules politics. Ultimately, the likelihood is Jeb Bush will be the nominee. He is wealthy. But he is also a prolific fundraiser.  So what is certain is Republicans will once again have a non-conservative representing them in the general election:

Jeb Bush took aim Tuesday at Donald Trump, his main antagonist in the GOP primary field, with a web video that highlights the liberal positions Trump has espoused over the last two decades — and his past support for Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

The video, which Bush’s campaign posted Tuesday morning on YouTube, paints Trump — through his own words — as a pro-choice, pro-Canadian style universal health care New York liberal who’s praised Hillary Clinton on more than one occasion.