The TPP and the New Global Corporate Government

However, one statement by Obama is correct. He calls TPP “a new type of trade agreement”. It’s a new type all right.

The TPP is not simply an economic document, about trade in goods, services and, investor money capital flows. TPP is first and foremost a political document. TPP is the latest salvo fired by global corporations against national and popular sovereignty, against Democracy itself. The key to understanding how TPP is about global corporations setting up their own global government is contained in its Chapters 27 and 28.

Source: The TPP and the New Global Corporate Government

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The TPP: A Time Bomb That Could Blow Up a Free Internet

Many of the scariest scenes in the TPP script take place in the intellectual property chapter. This section exports the most draconian aspects of the United States’ broken copyright system and forces them onto the rest of the world, without requiring “fair use” provisions that are necessary to protect free speech.

One provision demands that TPP member countries enforce copyright terms 70 years after the death of the creator. This will keep an immeasurable amount of information, art and creativity locked away from the public domain for decades longer than necessary, and allow for governments and corporations to abuse copyright laws and censor content at will, since so much of what’s online will be subject to copyright for decades.

Source: The TPP: A Time Bomb That Could Blow Up a Free Internet – Truthdig

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Why the TPP Must be Opposed at All Costs: It’s Worse Than You Think

The text has been just released—by the orders of a New Zealand court–and it is, as anticipated, monstrous, explaining the Manhattan-Project-level secrecy.   It’s a total corporate giveaway, and despite some pathetic attempts to put lipstick on it, it’s every bit as bad as we had anticipated, and a little bit worse.

Source: Why the TPP Must be Opposed at All Costs: It’s Worse Than You Think

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Critic: TPP deal has ‘exclusions up the wazoo’

The exceptions, laid out in multiple annexes and embedded in various chapters of the 1,000-page-plus Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, range from these obscure provisions to controversial measures that could make it harder for U.S. businesses to compete overseas — and not incidentally, cost congressional votes where there might be no margin for error for passage.

The agreement allows Malaysia, for instance, to maintain preferential treatment for ethnic Malays in government projects, making it harder for U.S. construction companies to win bids for those contracts.

Source: Critic: TPP deal has ‘exclusions up the wazoo’ – POLITICO

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Why TPP Is A Feminist Issue

Do you want your tax dollars to go to companies in countries like Brunei, where unmarried women who get pregnant are sent to prison and gays and lesbians are sentenced to death by stoning?Do you believe the official trade policy of the U.S. should make it easier for corporations to outsource majority-female jobs–not only in low-wage workplaces such as call centers but also better-paying sectors like human resources?Do you support an agreement that gives pharmaceutical companies a green light to keep lower-cost generic drugs, including HIV/AIDS medication, off the market in developing countries?

Source: Why TPP Is A Feminist Issue | Terry O’Neill

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