Threat to L.A. Schools was not Credible: FBI, NYPD

So why the drastic shutdown of so many schools in Los Angeles? How about cowardice on the part of the politicians there. The NYPD got similar threat but dismissed it:

The NYPD and Mayor de Blasio said New York City school officials received the same anonymous threat that prompted Los Angeles to shut down its public schools Tuesday, but authorities said they determined the email to be “not credible” and were investigating it as a hoax.

De Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said several other districts nationwide also received a generic email threat Tuesday, but investigators determined that students weren’t in any real danger.

Bratton said that officials in the Los Angeles Unified School District — which, with more than 640,000 students, is the nation’s second-largest school system, second only to New York City — overreacted by canceling classes. He said that’s what whoever made the threat wanted.

Even the LAPD did not think it was credible:

The threat, which school officials had initially called “credible,” was emailed to members of the school board, LA Police Chief Charlie Beck said at a news conference. He added that the “very specific” message mentioned explosive devices and an attack with assault rifles. New York City officials said they received a similar threat, but concluded it was not credible.

NYPD Commissioner William Bratton said the person who wrote the note claimed to be a jihadist, but made errors that made it clear the person was a prankster. FBI sources tell Fox News they and the LAPD also deemed Monday’s emailed threat “non-credible.”

In fact, the LA powers that be did not consult the FBI when they decided to close the schools. Is this a classic wagging of the dog? We all know that there has been lots of concern about the violence in California. The fact that the Mayor claims it was not his call to close the schools smells really fishy:

Los Angeles authorities did not consult the FBI before deciding to close public schools on Tuesday, a law enforcement source told Reuters. Authorities are investigating a threat made to Los Angeles schools, and the source said they are looking at the possibility a bomb was planted.



Self-proclaimed CIA director hacker says he had help, and there is more to come

Along with the statement came an attachment with the names, Social Security numbers and phone numbers of 20 people said to be affiliated with the head of the CIA.

One document purporting to come from CIA Director John Brennan’s AOL email account contains a spreadsheet of people, including senior intelligence officials, along with their Social Security numbers, although the hacker redacted the numbers in the version he posted on Twitter. It’s unclear why Brennan would have stored such a document in his private email account. Based on the titles, the document appears to date from 2009 or before.

Source: Self-proclaimed CIA director hacker says he had help, and there is more to come – CBS News

Judge orders lawyers to turn over Bridgegate notes

A federal judge on Friday ordered a high-profile law firm that conducted an internal investigation of New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s office to turn over notes used to prepare its report—an $8 million, tax-payer funded overview of the George Washington Bridge scandal that was widely derided as a “whitewash.”The ruling by U.S. District Court judge Susan D. Wigenton comes over the objections of the firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in New York, and hands a key victory to attorneys for two former Christie allies charged with orchestrating the politically motivated traffic jam. It also opens up the possibility that new details could surface about the 2013 episode just as Christie embarks on a long-shot campaign for the Republican nomination for president.

Source: Judge orders lawyers to turn over Bridgegate notes – Ryan Hutchins – POLITICO