America’s Addiction to Violence

Violence feeds on corporate controlled disimagination machines that celebrate it as a sport while upping the pleasure quotient for the public. Americans do not merely engage in violence, they are also entertained by it. This kind of toxic irrationality and lure of violence is mimicked in America’s aggressive foreign policy, in the sanctioning of state torture, and in the gruesome killings of civilians by drones. As my colleague David L. Clark pointed out to me in a private email correspondence, “bombing make-believe countries is not a symptom of muddled confusion but, quite to the contrary, a sign of unerring precision. It describes the desire to militarize nothing less than the imagination and to target the minutiae of our dreams.” War-like values no longer suggest a flirtation with a kind of mad irrationality or danger.

Source: America’s Addiction to Violence

Barbara Walters’ Wet Kiss to the Donald

In case anyone didn’t notice that Donald Trump represents the complete celebrification of American politics and policy, Barbara Walters drove the point home Friday night in what amounted to a Trump for President campaign commercial on ABC’s 20/20.The hour-long celebration of all things Trump—his palatial penthouse, his Slovenian-model third wife, his hard-working kids, his adorable grandchildren, his 757, his gold-leafed bathroom fixtures—was so warm, breezy and fuzzy that it almost made one forget that this is the Republican frontrunner, a man who has a good chance of winning his party’s nomination, who has called for registering American Muslims on a government database and regularly insults his adversaries for their looks and alleged stupidity.

Source: Barbara Walters’ Wet Kiss to the Donald – The Daily Beast

Poll: Ben Carson Tied with Donald Trump

You would never know it. The obsession with Donald Trump might continue until he gets zero delegates in Iowa and New Hampshire. It is becoming obvious that Trump is self-destructing. He was never a serious candidate despite the polls. And now the press is only beginning to acknowledge the truth. It was always about the circus. The media/press are constantly in search of individuals that shock. Because that’s what sells. Don’t bother waiting for the “pundits” who told us Trump had a chance at winning the GOP nomination to admit they were wrong. They were part of the media hoax, whether they realize it or not.

Ben Carson tied with Donald Trump

Nate Silver: Polls 5 Months before Iowa Caucus Mean Very Little

Rundown clock (seen in photo) shows how important the Republican debates are to CNN’s ratings.

The famous political analyst/pollster Nate Silver is saying what I’ve been saying for months. Polls showing Trump and Carson ahead of other candidates are meaningless. He cites Hillary Clinton and Giuliani in 2008. We’ve seen it many times before.

Here is more evidence:

In mid-September, 2007, a robust field of GOP hopefuls was running to succeed Republican President George W. Bush. An Associated Press-Ipsos poll had former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani leading former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson 24 percent to 19 percent; USA Today/Gallup had Giuliani over Thompson 30-22; Fox News/Opinion Dynamics had Giuliani up 34-22; CNN/Opinion Research Corp. had Giuliani leading 28-27.

The eventual nominee, Arizona Sen. John McCain, was polling third at the time, getting 15,18,16 and 15 percent support respectively. He didn’t edge into first place until mid-January 2008.

So why the media hysteria over Trump? They are lying to you. The pundits in the media know very well that Trump isn’t going to win. But they lie/rationalize because it’s too profitable. They are deceiving you because telling you the truth isn’t going to sell magazines or get ratings. And media is all about what sells, not truth.

Why is the Press Ignoring Ben Carson when he is Beating Trump?

The latest polls show Ben Carson tied with Donald Trump in Iowa. Now this poll (picture below) shows the neurosurgeon candidate beating The Donald easily in a head-to-head match. Even CNN’s Alisyn Camerota is asking this morning the question: why is Ben Carson being ignored by the press.

For the media it’s all about the sensationalism and controversy. It’s what sells. And nothing sells like hate. Just look at all those mindless reality shows on TV.  Carson is not exactly the most coherent political candidate. But he is not exactly a media darling. The press is is about lowest common denominator. Trump talks like a third grader. That gets ratings and sells newspapers. And it apparently also gets you ahead in the polls.
Carson beats trump

Bernie Sanders Refuses to Play the Press’ Game by Criticizing Hillary

The press is all about sensationalism and controversy. And nothing sells more than two politicians fighting. Inconvenient matters like the issues doesn’t sell. Gossip is king in the media. Sanders won’t be a party to ‘trash for cash.’

No matter how hard the media tries to get Sanders to attack Clinton, he refuses to do it. While this bucks partisan campaign tactics, it is working.