Is Pro-Bush Super PAC Obscuring Spending?

Super PACs are supposed to be both transparent and independent from the politicians they are supporting.But it’s not clear that Right to Rise USA, the super PAC formed by Republican Jeb Bush prior to his presidential bid, is either.The super PAC’s biggest single vendor this year through June is a mysterious limited liability company, LKJ, LLC, whose owners are hidden behind the state of Delaware’s opaque registration laws. The company doesn’t appear to have a website or a physical office.

Source: Is Pro-Bush Super PAC Obscuring Spending?

Jeb Bush is a Complete Hypocrite on Planned Parenthood

We are learning that Jeb Bush worked with former Mayor Bloomberg in supporting Planned Parenthood:

The former Florida governor served as a Bloomberg Family Foundation director from March 2010 until he stepped down in late 2014, earning roughly $37,000. During those years, the foundation worked with Planned Parenthood to expand women’s health programs in Africa and Central America. The association with the women’s health provider is politically fraught at a time when the group has been accused of selling the tissue of aborted fetuses — a charge it denies.

This is pretty rich given the former Florida Governor’s recent public statements on the organization that put him in hot water:

GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush on Tuesday said the next president should defund Planned Parenthood.

Should we really be surprised? Nevertheless, it looks like Republicans will still nominate Jeb Bush. Principal doesn’t matter anymore. It’s all about money. And Bush raises the most. In addition, the GOP always picks establishment Republicans, not conservatives.