Major Cyber Attack On U.S. Power Grid Is Likely

Are you naive enough to believe the government is doing something to prevent it? Did they protect us before 9-11? And when it takes place everyone will say how could this have happened. But the bottomline is that we did know about it. We knew. But unless the media focuses on something nothing ever gets done. Look at the water crisis in Flint. This disaster was ignored for over a year by the press. Now it’s getting plenty of attention. And as a result there is plenty being done–now. But it’s too late, the damage was done:

In his New York Times bestselling investigation, Koppel reveals that a major cyberattack on America’s power grid is not only possible but likely, that it would be devastating, and that the United States is shockingly unprepared.

U.S. Ranks As Top Tax Haven, Refusing To Share Tax Data Despite FATCA

Over the last seven years, America has flexed its muscles at tax havens everywhere. With Schwarzenegger-like bulk, the U.S. has crushed Swiss banks and rooted out U.S. account holders worldwide. With its ambitious FATCA undertaking, the U.S. has cowed the world into submission. making foreign banks and foreign governments hand over what would be secret bank data about depositors.

Yet ironically, a new report by the Tax Justice Network says that the U.S. doesn’t practice what it preaches. Indeed, the report ranks America as one of the worst. How bad? Worse than the Cayman Islands. The report claims that America has refused to participate in the OECD’s global automatic information exchange for bank data. The OECD has been designing and implementing the system to target tax evasion. Given the IRS fixation on that topic, you might think that the U.S. would join in.

Source: U.S. Ranks As Top Tax Haven, Refusing To Share Tax Data Despite FATCA – Forbes

Report: Nuke plants unprotected from EMP, terrorists, solar meltdown

America’s nuclear power plants, and the huge transformers they feed electricity to, are not protected from a growing collection of threats including terrorism, electromagnetic pulse and even solar weather, according to an extensive review of the industry.And unless the industry and Washington move swiftly to install some protection, the chances are growing quickly that the nation could see a long blackout that could lead to riots and deaths.It’s going to kill us, warned David Stuckenberg, chairman of the American Leadership and Policy Foundation.His group’s report, Electromagnetic Pulse and Space Weather and the Strategic Threat to America’s Nuclear Power Stations, is the first to study the potential EMP and solar weather impact to the nation’s collection of nuclear plants.The report, provided to the Washington Examiner, found that the industry and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission have done little to address the threats. That’s despite a 2012 solar flare near-miss that could have dismantled some plants and growing fears of terrorism, such as a small atmospheric nuclear explosion over the U.S. that could scuttle the nuke plants and fry the transformers, causing huge blackouts.

Source: Report: Nuke plants unprotected from EMP, terrorists, solar meltdown | Washington Examiner