Poll: 71% of Americans unhappy with country’s direction

Not exactly the change we were promised by candidate Obama:

Americans are mad as hell about the way things are going in the United States. It’s not clear if they’re going to take it anymore.

More than seven in 10 Americans — 71 percent — said they are dissatisfied, according to the results of a new Quinnipiac University poll released Monday. And 41 percent indicated that they are “very dissatisfied.”

Elections are Rigged in America

Not only are Elections are rigged in America. They are rigged in favor of the establishment candidates. This is why we could end up with Another Bush or Clinton in the White House. Other candidates are not standing for this business-as-usual.

Martin O’Malley has denounced the limiting of debates to 4 as a “rigged process.” Why? The Democratic hierarchy wants to hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton.  O’Malley calls it undemocratic. I agree.

Senator Sanders believes not only should we have more debates but that they be issue oriented.O'malley Debates

Why are we Arguing How Many should Debate in the GOP Primaries and not for the General Election

There is a big discussion going on whether FOX News should have 17 GOP presidential candidates participating in the first debate. But there is no debate on whether we should have more than 2 candidates debating in the Fall next year. That’s how totally brainwashed the two-party system has us.

I challenge the corporate press to do their duty and ask this question.

Btw, guess who decides who will be participating in the debates next year.