Top Federal Reserve Official Agrees With Bernie Sanders: Break Up the Banks

One of the defining policy demands of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ self-described political revolution is a mandate to transform Wall Street by breaking up the big banks. That proposal has earned him the favor of some left-leaning economists and progressives who are skeptical of the sheer concentration of power in the financial sector, but it hasn’t gained a great deal of traction among mainstream Democratic lawmakers in Washington. His rival for the Democratic presidential nomination Hillary Clinton considers the idea a distraction from instituting new regulatory regimes.

But the idea of breaking up big banks to protect the economy from disaster has gotten a huge boost this week from someone very much on the inside: Neel Kashkari.

Source: Top Federal Reserve Official Agrees With Bernie Sanders: Break Up the Banks

David Brock: Bernie Sanders Economic Policies are “Insane” and “Redistributionist”

David Brock is Hilary Clinton’s political hitman/moneyman. And his job is to try and destroy Bernie Sanders. He used to be a henchman for the right. Brock became famous for exposing Bill Clinton’s use of Arkansas state troopers to solicit women for him. Then he turned to attacking Anita Hill. She was the law professor who told the World about supreme nominee Clarence Thomas’ sexual harassment issues. Brock wants us to believe that Bernie is a “typical politician.” In other words, he is no better than Hillary. He is now using the term “redistributionist” since his effort to paint Sanders as a “communist” didn’t work. I get the feeling Brock’s latest efforts won’t fly either.

African-American Voters Supported Hillary over Obama too–Until he started Winning

In 2008, polls had Hillary winning the African-American vote over Barack Obama prior to the beginning of the primaries/causes of Iowa and New Hampshire. After that everything changed. As voters realized that Obama had a chance of becoming President when he won in Iowa and almost in New Hampshire they began to support the Illinois Senator. Which, I believe, will happen again. Although maybe not to the extent that they supported the first African-American President:

A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll released Friday suggested that nearly 60 percent of black registered Democrats were backing Obama as the presidential nominee, with 31 percent supporting Clinton. That’s a major shift from October, when African-Americans backed Clinton over Obama, 57 percent to 33 percent.

What appears to have changed is Obama’s electability.

“There’s been a huge shift among African-American Democrats from Clinton to Obama. African-American Democrats used to be reluctant to support Obama because they didn’t think a black man could be elected. Then Obama won Iowa and nearly won New Hampshire. Now they believe,” Bill Schneider, CNN’s senior political analyst, said.

And much like now many of the same criticisms were directed at Hillary:

His comments and later outburst came on a day when Obama continued to challenge Hillary Clinton’s candor and trustworthiness. He said his chief rival has indulged in double-talk on bankruptcy laws, trade and other issues.

The atmosphere grew more charged after Clinton’s campaign aired a radio ad in South Carolina suggesting Obama approved of Republican ideas. Obama responded with his own radio spot that says, “Hillary Clinton will say anything to get elected.”

Bill Clinton, campaigning on the coast while Obama was inland, said Obama and the media had stirred up tensions over race in response to some Democrats’ criticisms of the couple’s strategies.

“I never heard a word of public complaint when Mr. Obama said Hillary was not truthful,” and had “no character, was poll-driven. He had more pollsters than she did,” the ex-president said in a heated exchange with a CNN reporter. “When he put out a hit job on me at the same time he called her the senator from Punjab, I never said a word.”

In 2008, the question was raised about whether Obama could win the all white state of Iowa. Until he won. Now we have similar questions about Bernie and the black vote over Clinton. That will also be dispelled in the days and weeks to come. The more African-Americans voters hear the message of Bernie Sanders the more they will realize he speaks for them and not Hillary.

Bernie Sanders easily beats Hillary Clinton

Bernie Blew-out Hillary in New Hampshire Despite her Dirty Tricks

Hillary Clinton and her band of dirty tricksters were at it again. As in 2008, they failed. The last time they used racism to attack Barack Obama. This time they accused Bernie Sanders of sexism. Despite the failure of these tactics we haven’t seen the last of them. Expect to see more creative distortions and character assassination in the months to come. Because that’s what the Clintons do.  And when you don’t have a message what else are you gonna do? But the danger still is real. The Democratic Party establishment is overwhelmingly on the side of the biggest establishment politician in America. They will do whatever it takes to destroy Bernie Sanders. A corrupt party that serves Wall St. will stop at nothing to destroy an honest man of the people from winning the nomination. But what they don’t understand is ‘Bernie’s Brigade’ is going to fight to the bitter end.

Sanders Campaign Statement on Clinton Falsehoods

“It is very disturbing that, as the Clinton campaign struggles through Iowa and New Hampshire, they have become increasingly negative and dishonest. No, Bernie Sanders will not dismantle health care programs in America. He believes in health care for all. No, Bernie Sanders is not ‘attacking’ Planned Parenthood. He believes Planned Parenthood is an outstanding organization and wants to increase its funding. No, Bernie Sanders is not ‘protecting’ the gun lobby. He has a D- record from the NRA. “Today’s at

Source: Sanders Campaign Statement on Clinton Falsehoods

“Oligarchy and the Failure of Democracy: Why I will not vote for Mrs. Clinton”

Great argument against Hillary and for Bernie:

There is a lot of overlap, Goldman Sachs supports both Cruz and Clinton, for example, but Soros and Koch brothers have slightly different agendas, neither of which are good for working families or the poor. So, I am no longer willing to be bullied by threats into voting against my own best interests and becoming just another pawn in intramural class rivalry among different factions of the oligarchs. If the American people decide they want more rule by oligarchy and vote for servants of the oligarchy instead of Senator Sanders, then they will get what they deserve. But they won’t get my vote, they won’t make me an accomplice. They won’t make me share their responsibility for what follows.