Chuck Todd Insists Bernie Sanders must win Iowa


Today on ‘Meet The Press’, host Chuck Todd kept insisting with his questioning of Bernie Sanders that he had to win Iowa to get the nomination. According to who? Didn’t Bill Clinton win the nomination in 1992 despite losing both Iowa and New Hampshire? We keep getting told that Hillary can win the nomination and lose both of the first 2 contests. Why the double standard? It’s called press bias.

MSNBC has a Inexperienced, unknown “Journalist” Covering Bernie Sanders

While other candidates get top reporters covering them MSNBC has Danny Freeman following the Bernie Sanders campaign in Iowa. Never heard of him? That’s because Freeman was still in college 4 years ago. And didn’t get into journalism until 3 years ago–abroad. Still don’t think the corporate press is dismissing the Sanders revolution? Think again. The mainstream/establishment press is deliberately trying to prevent Bernie from winning the nomination by not covering him the way he deserves as a major candidate.