Will Hillary Clinton’s Kwanzaa Twitter Backlash Hurt Her Support With Black Voters?

Hillary Clinton’s Twitter on Monday was displaying a presidential-looking profile photo of the White House hopeful, but her neutral avatar could not neutralize the backlash she received after posting a Kwanzaa-themed avatar over the holiday weekend. When Clinton’s Twitter logo took on a Kwanzaa theme Saturday night, Black Twitter responded with the #NewHillaryLogo hashtag, mocking her frequent logo switches and criticizing the candidate for using the symbol of an African-American cultural holiday that she does not celebrate.

But while many internet critics connected the backlash to a pattern of pandering and superficial engagement by Clinton, giving examples of her campaign’s attempt last week to call the candidate an abuela (the Spanish word for grandmother) as well as other ill-conceived H logos, political experts said she still likely has the minority vote wrapped up — even if some think she could be taking the support of the black community for granted.

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Income inequality grows

When adjusted for inflation, the average real income for the top 20 percent of Americans rose 10 percent from 2010 to 2013. Real income for the 40 percent below that, the middle class and upper middle class, barely budged, meaning they didn’t recover the losses they’d experienced during the recession. The poorest people, the bottom 20 percent, not only didn’t make up their losses from the recession, they continued to lose ground.

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In Missouri, Fewer Gun Restrictions and More Gun Killings

In the past decade, Missouri has been a natural experiment in what happens when a state relaxes its gun control laws. For decades, it had one of the nation’s strongest measures to keep guns from dangerous people: a requirement that all handgun buyers get a gun permit by undergoing a background check in person at a sheriff’s office.

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America’s Addiction to Violence

Violence feeds on corporate controlled disimagination machines that celebrate it as a sport while upping the pleasure quotient for the public. Americans do not merely engage in violence, they are also entertained by it. This kind of toxic irrationality and lure of violence is mimicked in America’s aggressive foreign policy, in the sanctioning of state torture, and in the gruesome killings of civilians by drones. As my colleague David L. Clark pointed out to me in a private email correspondence, “bombing make-believe countries is not a symptom of muddled confusion but, quite to the contrary, a sign of unerring precision. It describes the desire to militarize nothing less than the imagination and to target the minutiae of our dreams.” War-like values no longer suggest a flirtation with a kind of mad irrationality or danger.

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Is Hillary Clinton Desperate?

Hillary seems to be nervous lately. Maybe the coronation isn’t quite going to plan. There is an obstacle. And that obstacle is getting lots of looks precisely because he is not part of the Democratic establishment that has helped ruin our country. And establishment is trying to steal an election for their anointed presidential candidate.

Bernie Sanders supporters, to their credit, figured out that DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schutz was not neutral when it came to who would win the Democratic nomination, which is her job. Now some want her out:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz uses her position as the Democratic National Committee Chair to exert her own biased influence at the expense of the party’s integrity.

…Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s favoritism of Hillary Clinton makes Democrats look corrupt and untrustworthy.

…A suspect debate schedule administered by Ms. Wasserman Schultz is one of the strongest pieces of evidence for her bias. Ms. Wasserman Schultz decreased the total number of debates from 26 in 2008 (when Barack Obama defeated Ms. Clinton in the primaries and Ms. Wasserman Schultz was co-chair of Ms. Clinton’s campaign), to six in the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries. Ms. Wasserman Schultz also enacted a new rule effectively banning any candidate who participates in an unsanctioned debate from participating in sanctioned debates. Virtually the only person who hasn’t called for more debates is Ms. Clinton, who benefits from the lack of exposure and from not being publicly faced with the difficult questions that contributed to her downfall in 2008.

If #WallStHillary wins that will be a victory for the plutocrats. Bill Moyers says they can only beat the 99% if we let them:

Can we at least face the truth? The plutocrats and oligarchs are winning. The vast inequality they are creating is a death sentence for government by consent of the people at large. Did any voter in any district or state in the last Congressional election vote to give that billion dollar loophole to a handful of billionaires? To allow corporations to hide their political contributions? To add $1.4 trillion to the national debt? Of course not. It is now the game: Candidates ask citizens for their votes, then go to Washington to do the bidding of their donors. And since one expectation is that they will cut the taxes of those donors, we now have a permanent class that is afforded representation without taxation.

A plutocracy, says my old friend, the historian Bernard Weisberger, “has a natural instinct to perpetuate and enlarge its own powers and by doing so slams the door of opportunity to challengers and reduces elections to theatrical duels between politicians who are marionettes worked by invisible strings.”

Where does it end?

Central to winning an election, unfortunately, has to do with how much money a candidate can raise. Bernie Sanders, who wants to end the buying of elections by the wealthy special interests, is finding a way to raise funds from “small donors.” That might be enough against a candidate, Hillary Clinton, who is funded by the banks:

Clinton remains on pace for $100 million in fundraising in the Democratic primary by year’s end, Politico said Tuesday. The former secretary of State already brought in $77 million through the end of the third fundraising quarter.

However, Sanders is gaining steam, breaking the record for the most individual campaign contributions last weekend.

His staff announced late Sunday that it now boasts the record for the largest number for individual donations toward an Oval Office bid in a presidential off-year.

“His campaign has now received more contributions than any other candidate at this point in any White House bid — more than 2.3 million contributions,” Sanders’s campaign said in a statement.

President Obama set the previous high mark by amassing 2.2 million individual donations in 2011.

Sanders’s campaign said its unprecedented haul stems from enthusiasm after his performance in Saturday’s Democratic presidential debate.

Here’s the greatest weapon against police brutality: