Texas Cop Killer: Another Deranged Person with a Gun


There is an effort to try and blame the tragic police killing in Texas on the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The reality is, according to CNN, this individual had a history of mental issues. He was essentially a homeless person who had a history of violence.  Another case of a mentally deranged individual that was able to get a gun. Therefore the blame should really go to the NRA and not those who are working to end police brutality.

NY Times Article Shamelessly Claims “Obama Champions Workers’ Rights”

Are we talking about the same President? This is the same Obama that pushed for TPP against the wishes of his own party. This legislation would further enslave working people throughout the world, include the United States. The fact that Republicans support the President on this issue is all the proof you need. Then there is the fact that he has done very little to get a minimum wage increase. The Previous President, a Republican, passed an increase. Why not Obama? Then there is the rising income inequality and declining wages of American workers.

To say this President is championing workers’ rights is a laughable statement.

State Department releases thousands of Clinton emails, 125 contain classified information

At the very least Hillary is guilty of obstruction of justice by trying to wipe that server clean. And almost certainly some of those emails fell into the hands of our enemies. That disqualifies her from becoming commander-in-chief:

About 150 messages in a soon-to-be released trove of Hillary Clinton emails are being censored because they contain information now considered classified, according to the State Department.

Cesspool: What the Hell is Going on With Popular Culture

The world is going to hell-in-a-hand-basket and popular culture can only gives us filth:

Elections are Rigged in America

Not only are Elections are rigged in America. They are rigged in favor of the establishment candidates. This is why we could end up with Another Bush or Clinton in the White House. Other candidates are not standing for this business-as-usual.

Martin O’Malley has denounced the limiting of debates to 4 as a “rigged process.” Why? The Democratic hierarchy wants to hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton.  O’Malley calls it undemocratic. I agree.

Senator Sanders believes not only should we have more debates but that they be issue oriented.O'malley Debates