The growing wealth gap that nobody is talking about

What are your odds of being a millionaire, do you think? One in 10? One in 50? One in 100?

If you’re over 62, your odds of having at least $1 million in net wealth (your total assets minus your total debt) are relatively achievable — about 1 in 7. But if you are under 40, your odds are low: 1 in 55.

In the last 25 years, the odds that an old person is a millionaire have improved slightly. But for young people, they have gotten much worse.

Source: The growing wealth gap that nobody is talking about – The Washington Post

If Trump wasn’t Enough Now the Press is Talking about Mike Huckabee

The press (especially the TV networks) have become one of those trashy reality shows. We’ve been bombarded with 24-hours of Donald Trump. Now we have new entrant: Mike Huckabee. Expect the pundits to start calling him a major threat to Trump for the GOP nomination. The Morning Joe program spent most of it’s time this morning on these 2 individuals. I didn’t see anything about threat from ISIS. And very little time on the Iran agreement.

Press coverage will change when ISIS shoots up another European city. Trump or Huckabee are no match for terrorist acts committed on the Western population. For now we are subjected to the twin GOP clowns.

Update: The Jose Diaz-Balart program that follows Morning Joe was no better. They started the show with the top story being on Tom Brady.


White House Petition Scam

What is the point of signing a White House petition if the result is to insult the signees? That’s what happened with the Edward Snowden pardon petition. Despite 100k+ signatures the response was Snowden should stop hiding under Russia’s skirt and return home and accept his punishment like a man.

What’s the point? Maybe it’s a scam to get email addresses for future election mass mailings?

White House promises to speed up petition responses, now works with